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These past few months , I have been dealing with failure. I usually have never really failed at anything. I was always a good student and I have been in school ever since I remember. My idea of failure was the occasional C’s in class and the occasional job rejection. These three months though have knocked the wind out of me. I have failed in pretty much all areas of life. I got rejected from 2 of my dream jobs that I interviewed for, I got rejected by someone I love and the most painful are the small failures. What are the small failures? It is the daily choice I make to be less than who I am capable of being.

The first two things I cannot control. I can’t control who hires me and who loves me. But, I can control my daily choices. I can control when I wake up, I can control to not hit the snooze button, I can control my addiction to my phone, I can control my propensity to spend hours on Instagram. I have control of these things but, still I choose failure. I choose to not wake up. I choose to be comfortable. I choose not to go to the gym. I choose misery.

Why do we do this? Is it because we’re comfortable where we’re at? Is it because we’re lazy? Is it because we’re scared of what we may become if we do make these choices?

The big failures are not my fault but, the little choices of failure I make in a daily basis is something I have full control over. I can choose to do better and be better. I can choose to work hard. I can choose to wake up earlier. I can choose to read instead of binging Netflix. I can choose to push myself out of this rut.

That is what I am going to do today and I will do tomorrow morning. Choose success in your daily choice. Do not fall victim to daily failures. Choose to do better.

“When you pray, move your feet” – African Proverb.