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What do you really want to change about your life? How could you do it?

Happy New Year!
I haven’t written in awhile. I am not entirely sure how to share my content here so, more people see it. I also have been going through a phase where I do not really have much to say. To get a bit of a inspiration, I found a random writing prompt generator today. Linked at the end. The prompt that came up was quite relevant: “what do you really want to change about your life? how could you do it?”. The question is a bit heavy but, I found it to be relevant with the New Year.

New Year brings a burst of inspiration. We’re motivated and fired up. The “high” of this motivation may last a week or two at most but, eventually it wears off. Then we go back to our routines again. Back to binging T.V. shows, food, and other things that are not so great for our well-being. Not so great things are comfortable though. They are familiar and easy. They provide momentary comfort. They give us enough of a hit that we keep repeating the cycle. But, underneath that comfort crawls with regret, self-doubt, and humiliation. This manifests into self-loathing and we’re back to repeating the cycle again.

This year, what I really want to change is to be more disciplined. I want to be disciplined enough to follow through with long term goals. Sacrificing that brief brush with comfort to long term happiness. I want to stay committed to my goals and plans. I also want to have more self-control in general. I tend to be a bit impulsive. I eat what I want and I do whatever I want at the moment. Lately, I have realized that there needs to be a clear distinction on what you feel like doing isn’t necessarily what you should be doing. I plan on doing things that my future self will thank me for.

How do I plan on doing it? I am not sure yet. I know in terms of doing work, I need to silence my phone, have a designated work space, and really make sure to do the work that needs to be completed. Right now, my goal is to spend at least 2 – 3 hours on my coding bootcamp so, that is a measurable goal that I plan on working on.

What do you really want to change about your life? How could you do it?

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