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May 10th: Suitcase

Rohan woke up at the middle of the night and heard a loud tap on his window. Tap! Tap! Tap! He rubbed his eyes and removed his blinds to look outside. He could see a few yellow cabs go by and heard a faint siren going by. Rohan couldn’t figure out where the tap came from but, he was too tired to try to figure it out. Giving up, he decided to go back to sleep but, right before he could close his blinds – he saw it. It was there. An object glimmering in the street-light. He couldn’t quite figure out what it was but, it looked gold and shiny. A box maybe? It was the dead of night but, the glimmering box was so tempting. Rohan thought he could quietly open his door, run down the two story apartment, cross the street, grab the box and get back to bed without anyone noticing. He put on his house shoes and a hoodie. He tiptoed to the front door to not wake his mother. He saw the eerie stillness of the hallway and almost turned back but, he had to find the mysterious box! He ran as fast as he could down the apartment stairs and crossed the street. He could see the box getting bigger & bigger as he approached it. His head was spinning and he was thinking of all the possibilities of what this box could be. When he saw the box, he realized it wasn’t a box at all – it was a suitcase! Who would leave a suitcase across his street in the middle of the night? And, what did it contain? He had these questions but, had no time to come up with answers. He grabbed the suitcase and started crossing the street. He pried open the front door of the apartment and decided to take the elevator to the second floor. He got to his front-door. Coast was clear & his mother was still asleep. He carried the suitcase to his room since dragging it would be too noisy. Once he got to his room, he could finally open his treasure box (a suitcase). He slowly opened the zipper of the suitcase. As the suitcase became ajar, it started moving slowly. Rohan was too tired to notice it moving but, could feel a chill coming from inside. After the chill came, he heard a slight grunt coming from inside the suitcase. When he finally opened the suitcase, a hand creeped out and grabbed Rohan. Tap! Tap! Tap! the hand tapped Rohan’s floor as it grabbed him. Tap! Tap! Tap! Rohan could hear his window tapping again. He tried to fight but, could not get away from the suitcase. Tap! Tap! Tap! The noise kept getting worse and worse until that’s all Rohan heard and disappeared inside the mysterious suitcase.