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Sometimes I feel like I can’t breathe

Like the walls I have created are caving inside me

I feel the need to breakaway – somehow uproot myself – far away

I feel like someone cut my wings off and I can’t seem to fly away from the ground

I feel suffocated, heavy, and tied down

I wish I could feel like a rising phoenix – soar far away – soar up in the sky

I wish I didn’t care

I wish I felt free to be me

I wish I knew me

I wish I could fix my pain – sometimes I wish there was a medicine that could fix me

I wish I felt at peace – at home in my skin

I wish I didn’t feel the need to hide who I am

Sometimes I feel anger flowing through me

I wish I could drain it all away

I wish I was full of love and hope

I wish I knew what being free felt like

I wish i didn’t feel anxious – so choked up – that I can’t see

I wish my tears weren’t so familiar to me

I wish my mind would stop slowly killing me.